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Killington Race Camp

  • December 09, 2019
  • 9:00 AM
  • December 13, 2019
  • 5:00 PM
  • Killington, Vermont

Please see "Instructions for signing up" below.

Killington Race Camp Info
- Dec 9 - 13
- 5 day lift pass
(plus a complementary half-day pass when you arrive on Sunday, Dec 8 at noon.)
- 5 full days of instruction
- Video Analysis
- 5 nights at the Summit Lodge (Includes, breakfast buffet and gratuity!)
- Fun evening activities.
- Banquet w/door prizes (in the Long Trail Pub in Snowshed Lodge)
- Cost for everything listed above is $777
(Checks Payable to "TCSC")
- Final payment due at the November meeting, 11/7.
- Deposit of $100 and signed trip form reserves your spot.
(Checks Payable to "TCSC")
- If you would like your own, single room for the week, add $310.
- 46 TCSC Members attended in 2018!

Thursday night Awards Banquet. Celebrate your week on the mountain with a delicious dinner and great door prizes!
(This is also the time we tip our instructors and the class gives them a Thank You card. Tip is usually a minimum of $10 per day per student. Everyone puts their tip in with the card.)

*** Instructions for signing up ... ***
RSVP on this page. Make deposit check payable to "TCSC" (deposit amount is $100 minimum per person)

Mail check and signed Trip Form to: (Or bring it to one of our meetings)
Triple Cities Ski Club
c/o Tim Hanna
5219 State Highway 41
Smithville Flats, NY 13841

Make check payable to "TCSC"

Trip form is available on this Meetup site in the "More | Files" section. Here is a direct link to the trip form.

RSVP and send trip form and payment as described above.

Questions? ... Please contact Tim Hanna
tim_hanna@)juno.com or cell number 768-0429 (Area code 607)

Additional Info -
The Killington Race Camp is a great way to improve your skiing. The camp uses a GS race format to teach the students how to make well-controlled, effective, efficient ski turns and link those turns smoothly.

There were 46 TCSC members in attendance last year. The other 40 or so students at the camp are in a similar age range and skiing ability as members of our club. There are usually 10 - 12 groups created at the start of the week based on skiing ability. There are about 6 or 7 skiers in each group. You'll have the same instructor all week. The lower level groups spend less time on race-specific topics and more time on turn mechanics and improving their free-skiing. The higher level groups spend more time on the race course running gates. Everyone spends some time running gates.

Why would you consider a race based camp if you don't plan on racing? It's all about effectiveness and cost. The reason most people are not skiing with the confidence, control and enjoyment that they seek is because their ski turns are not up to par. There is no better place to learn to make good ski turns than at a GS race camp. Anyone can go straight down the hill, but how effective are your turns?

Have you ever noticed the Olympic stars like Lindsey Vonn, Mikaela Shiffrin and Ted Ligety struggling with their turns? Hardly ever, right? At the Killington Camp, you'll be taught the same elements of coordination and timing that the Olympians and World Cup skiers employ. (Although it's unlikely you will end up in the Olympics. Sorry about that.)

While you are working on developing the proper movements and coordination associated with good turns, the instructors (especially in the lower groups) do NOT encourage speed. When your "turning issues" are corrected and you begin to employ a better technique, then additional speed becomes an option that YOU can choose based on your comfort level.

Whether you want to ski fast or slow, the ingredients for good turns are the same. You choose the speed you want to ski, but if you don't know how to make good turns, you're stuck at a skill level called the "intermediate rut" and your options are limited.

Attending the Killington Race Camp is a great way to get out of the "intermediate rut" and the price is a fraction of what it would be at "all-mountain" ski camps. There are camps in Colorado and California that do "all-mountain" training, but the cost is usually more than twice as much and that's before you buy a plane ticket, rental car and hotel room!

So Killington will teach you a lot of important concepts that you need to improve your "all-mountain" skiing. Overall, you'll have the opportunity to learn how to make great ski turns for a very reasonable price and have a lot of fun in the process. Racers and non-racers come back to this camp year-after-year to "tune-up" their skiing at the beginning of each season.

Who knows, you might find that you really like the racing part, too!

(Just to be clear, the "non-racers" who attend the RACE camp WILL spend some time running gates on a race course even if they are in the lowest group. But you are free to "bail-out" of any portion of the race camp that you want, and rejoin the class later. (Some years, when there is enough interest, there is a "non-race" option where there is no racing whatsoever. That may be a good option for some. Ask about it!)

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